Shop Benefits

Makezee Shop Benefits

When you become Makezee Shop you claim your space in an ever-growing community and marketplace.

You will make more money

Simply put,  you will gain access to customers that would likely have never found you before. Our web presence is your web presence. Take advantage of that to drive new business to your shop.

Your Store

You have access to create your own storefront. Here you can list any and every service you are capable of performing. Your store is fully customizable to showcase your style and make you stand out from the crowd. You can create services, create coupons, assign featured products, run sales and promotions, all completely independent of other shops.

It is your personal place to make money and make connections.

Makezee is a simple way to get your shop online. Even if you don’t want to sell anything online, sign up and at least get your shop out there for people to see it. No hosting fees, no development fees.

Your Business

Many shops simply want to make things. They do not want to deal with payment processing, customer disputes, and all the other little things that come with an online business.

As a Makezee shop, you have an option to be removed from these roles. You can spend your time doing what you are good at, and we spend our time doing what we are good at.

Your Network

Have you ever been halfway through a job only to realize you don’t have a tool, supply,  or even the knowledge you need to finish it correctly?

We have all been there. Most times, we persevere and get it done. Sometimes, we do our best and fail, knowing that we would have easily succeeded if we had “this”, or “that”.  No matter the result, spending hours and using resources that absolutely destroy the profit margins.

As a Makezee shop you have a network  you can reach out to for help, any time you need it.
Our built in forum is a great place for discussion between shops. Ask for help, offer help, post a job opening,  talk about whats happening in the manufacturing world, and much more.

Makezee is made up of shops ranging from first time machine operators, to those that have been experts in their field for more than 40 years, and everywhere in between.